Say kaddish for me

Say kaddish for me is a kaddish service that allows you to have kaddish said for you in the Holy city of Safed, in honor of the memory of your loved one.

Say Kaddish For Me | kaddish service

Are you having trouble finding a Minyan for the three daily prayers for your Loved One that has passed away?

We will take care of reciting Kaddish at Shacharit, Mincha and Arvit (three daily prayers) and learn Mishnayot in “Merit of the soul”.

The Kaddish is said for eleven months, during the three daily prayers which are shachris [morning], minchah [afternoon] and ma’ariv [evening] prayers, by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Shadmi – an ordained rabbi – in the Chabad town of the Holy City of Zefat, Israel.

For the first time we are offering two options of the Kaddish saying service so that you can
choose the one most suitable for you.

$ 480 kaddish service everyday for the first year (11 months)
  • Kaddish service that includes mentioning the name of your dear departed
    before each of the three daily prayers, saying, “The Kaddish that I will say in the prayer will be on behalf of and for the elevation of the soul of your dear departed;” mentioning the complete name.
$ 180 kaddish service everyday for the first year (11 months)
  • Kaddish service that is comprised of mentioning daily before the Shachris prayer
    that all the Kaddish recitations during the day will be on behalf of and for the elevation of the soul of your dear departed;” mentioning the complete name

About us

Organization “Kadish LeNeshama“

 “Kadish LeNeshama“ – “Kaddish for the Soul”, is a well-known international organization that specializes in accompanying mourning families through the recital of the Kaddish prayer in honor of the memory of the deceased with a fee.

A little bit about myself

My name is Rabbi Yosef Itzchak and am the creator and director of “Kadish LeNeshama“.

 I studied in the Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim, where I got my high Torah education.

 Afterwards I was ordained as a Rabbi by Rabbi Aaaron, head of the Beit Midrash “Or Yaakov”.

I am married and live with my family in the holy city of Tzfat.

Our Story

I would like to share with you my tragic story, which was the reason for the foundation of “Kaddish for the Soul”.

My dear brother Shmuel had a bad car accident and died at the age of 22, after suffering for six very hard months.

kaddish service

During the twelve months after his passing, we decided to start an amazing project in honor of the memory of Shmuel´s soul, which will support other families during the Mourning period by reciting Kaddish – for a fee – for the deceased.

Our goal is to make Jews familiar with Jewish customs regarding Mourning. 

Say Kaddish For Me

I will happy to help you, you can contact me here.

Supporting you in these difficult moments, Rabbi Yosef

Organization “Kadish LeNeshama“ – “Kaddish for the Soul”

Our values


Reciting Kaddish is a huge responsibility to take on in memory of the soul of a Loved One. With us, ``Kadish LeNeshama`` you can stay calm and know for sure that Kaddish is recited in each prayer.


Having Kaddish recited in the Land of Israel,
and in one of the holiest cities in the world - Safed, will do the best for the soul of your loved one.
In addition, on special occasions ``Kadish LeNeshama`` will recite the Kaddish by the graves of our holy Sages, like the RaShBi.


The most important thing for us and our priority over everything else is to mention your loved ones before each prayer. ``Kadish LeNeshama`` is one of the best in the field.

Say Kaddish For Me | kaddish service

Common questions

It is an ancient custom to recite “Kaddish Yetom” for a family member who passed away.

 The prayer Kaddish itself was written in Aramaic and translated to Hebrew it means “faith and trust” to G´d even at difficult moments like mourning.

Kaddish is recited in the morning (Shacharit), afternoon (Mincha) and evening (Arvit) prayers (Tfilot) in the attendance of at least ten prayers in the period after the funeral.  

Ashkenazi custom: 

during 11 months

Sephardic custom:

 twelve months less one week
Additionally Kaddish is recited on the Jewish day of the funeral.

The answer would be no, one has to recite Kaddish based on tradition.

Yes it is possible. Nevertheless it would be better when the son recites Kaddish but due to different obstacles it is possible to find another person (envoy) who will recite Kaddish for the passed away.

When the obligation was passed over to an envoy, so this person has to make sure to dedicate this Kaddish especially for the passed away before every prayer.

When an envoy was chosen to recite Kaddish for a loved one so it should be done for a fee, as it is written in the holy books.

The reason there for is to connect this reciting of the Kaddish to the loved one´s soul which can be done just through paying with family capital.

It is told about Rabbi Akiva that once a Jew revealed himself to him after passing away. He told him he was suffering a lot and Rabbi Akiva asked why and if there is any way to help him?


The Jew told him

 about his bad behaviour when he was alive and that is why he is suffering so much. Nevertheless there is one thing that could help him- reciting Kaddish.

What did Rabbi Akiva do?

Rabbi Akiva found the son of the deceased. Together they learnt about Judaism until the son was ready to recite Kaddish by himself.

After that

the Jew that passed away revealed himself again to thank Rabbi Akiva for his great kindness and helping him to save him from suffering.

This story teaches us how important it is to recite Kaddish for a soul of a passed away.

Say Kaddish For Me | kaddish service

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