About us

If we did not get to know yet, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and the organization ´´Kaddish LeNeshama´´ (“Kaddish for the soul”).

הרב יוסף


My name is Rabbi Yosef Itzchak. I am the organization manager of “Kaddish for the soul”.

הרב יוסף

I studied at Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim where I got my high Torah education. Afterwards I got my ordination of a Rabbi by Rabbi Aaaron, head of Beit Midrash “Or Yaakov”. At this moment I am married with one child and we live with my family in the holy city of Tzfat. 

Maybe you are asking yourself what was the reason for the foundation of “´´Kaddish LeNeshama´´? So I would like to share with you my tragic story.
My dear brother Shmuel who had a bad car accident, died at the age of 22, after he has suffered for six very hard months. 

During the twelve months of Aveilus we decided to start an amazing project in Merit of Shmuel´s soul. This project should support other families during the Mourning period by: halachic escort (starting from funeral) and special Service- Reciting Kaddish for a fee for the passed away.

 Our goal is to make the Jews familiar with Jewish traditions relating to Death and Mourning. 

I will be glad to help you too. You can contact me here. 

With you in these difficult moments, Rabbi Yosef
Organization ´´Kaddish LeNeshama´´ (“Kaddish for the soul”)

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